The Flourish Foundation Offers The First Mindful Birthing Intensive In The Wood River Valley

On October 7th, 2012 Paige Redman offered a Mindful Birthing workshop to expectant couples in the Wood River Valley.  This initial offering was a pilot program that will be expanded into a nine-week course.  This course will give couples the opportunity to learn and integrate the tools of mindfulness and use them to meet the profound changes in their bodies and minds during pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Given the current research in the emerging field of Fetal Orgins, we believe such courses will be essential for mitigating the stress response in mothers and reducing the adverse side effects that stress hormones can have on the growing fetus.  Through mindfulness practice, group dialogue and much more participants will learn ways to fully embrace this transformative time. Couples will have an opportunity to cultivate lifelong skills for healthy living and wise parenting. Below is a testimony taken from one of the participants from the pilot program.

Thank you so much for opening up your home and sharing your wisdom with us last night, it really meant a great deal to both my husband and I.  We both learned so much about each other in those few hours and now we feel even more connected and much more ready to tackle this new adventure together.  

 I found the question session very, very helpful because it forced us to open up and discus in detail our fears, hopes and concerns surrounding the birth of our baby that we’ve been avoiding talking about with each other.  I feel like the whole process brought us closer and after class we had another very great, in depth discussion about everything.  Thank you for helping us realize that we needed to have these discussions 🙂 

 Also, thank you for doing the pain breakdown- I know giving birth will hurt, but now I feel like I can wrap my head around the whole thing knowing a little more of the type of pain I might encounter.  I was always under the impression labor pains were sharp horrible stabbing pains, so knowing that it is more tightening and cramping makes me feel much better.   And knowing that it is temporary and that my husband will be there to help me breath through it is invaluable! 

 Again, I really appreciate everything about last night, and I hope that you will continue to share your knowledge with other expectant couples because those three hours last night were invaluable to my husband and I.  

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