Mindful Awareness: The 2012-2013 School Year In Review

This year we are grateful to have worked with over 500 students throughout the Wood River Valley.   The end of April marked the culmination of our 4th year of offering Mindful Awareness practices to the children of our community.  This year was noteworthy as we engaged every 5th grader in the valley.   Fifth grade is an especially crucial time to introduce these practices because of the student’s ability to self-regulate and participate in dialogue about how to apply these skills to daily life.

Happily, according to the user satisfaction survey, 98% of participating students surveyed reported that the 25-week Mindful Awareness Program was an invaluable resource that should be taught to other students.  One student commented, “I think that if the world knew it (Mindful Awareness), we would all be peaceful.”  Another student suggested it is important for other students to learn Mindful Awareness, “because they may get mad and not know how to handle it, but mindfulness will teach them how to handle it.”
In addition to engaging 5th graders, we have also sustained our efforts to broaden the outreach of this program to both upper and lower grade levels.

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