Another Incredible Journey In Empowering Young People

This year has been another incredible journey in empowering young people in our community to dream big and act upon the inner resolve to make the world a better place.  Along with continuing to serve themselves with contemplative practices, and the Wood River Valley with local service projects, the Compassionate Leaders successfully completed two international service projects in Mexico and India.

As the program continues to develop it is becoming more apparent to us all how profound this combination is of inwardly developing empathy, compassion, and attention with domestic and international service projects.   One of the senior Compassionate Leaders, who completed the two year cycle of the program, recently commented, “I’m young. I’m compassionate. And I know the power I hold in the world.”

This year we’re excited to have an opportunity to be extending the Compassionate Leaders Program outside the valley and supporting two new groups in Boise and Oakland, as well adding a domestic project site in Jonestown, Mississippi.

None of this would be possible if it were not for the incredible generosity of our partners!  We hope you will continue to join us in supporting the development of this program, in the coming year.

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