Compassionate Leaders Program Update

The Compassionate Leaders have had a magnificent year! They have served over 1,000 hours at 11 social-profits throughout the Wood River Valley and through the incredible generosity of our community, family, and friends they have successfully met their fundraising goals for their service projects in Mississippi and India. In early June the second-year CLs will travel to Jonestown, Mississippi and at the end of June the first-year CLs leave for Ladakh, India to complete their service projects beyond the WR Valley.  Also, in collaboration with Kay Sandberg and the Dalai Lama Foundation the CLs completed the first teen study group on the book Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World.  The study group provided an ideal framework for exploring the theory and practice of secular ethics. 

One Compassionate Leader shared, “this book has helped me to further understand that we are all human and that no matter what, I can always find common ground with those around me. Through reading this book and practicing mindfulness, my opinions and reactions have been greatly changed. I no longer hold grudges against myself or others and I find myself judging others less and less.  I hope my new perspective on life has helped those around me and been a light to a more peaceful, compassionate life.” 

Complimenting their immersion into Beyond Religion, on March 1st the CLs had the opportunity to spend a day with Victor Chan, acclaimed author of The Wisdom of Compassion.   This meeting was instrumental in highlighting the profound benefits of educating the heart.

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