An introduction to the basics of mindfulness practice for engaging adolescents, relevant research and the role of mindfulness in substance abuse treatment.

Friday, October 10, 2014
Community Campus
Minnie Moore Room
1050 Fox Acres Road, Hailey

Sam Himelstein, Ph.D., a formerly incarcerated
youth, transformed his life and is now a psychologist,
educator, and author. Sam is passionate about
providing therapy to high-risk and incarcerated youth
suffering from extreme forms of trauma, substance
abuse, and other life issues. He is a core faculty
member at Sofi a University in the San Francisco
Bay Area, where he teaches about the intersection
between mindfulness and psychotherapy, working
with adolescents, and the interface of spirituality
in psychotherapy. He has authored numerous peerreviewed
research and clinical publications, including
the book “A Mindfulness-Based Approach to Working
with High-Risk Adolescents,” and is currently authoring
his second book, “Mindfulness-Based Substance Abuse
Treatment With Adolescents: A Guide for Clinicians,
Teachers, and Mentors.”

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