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Earth Day Yoga and Meditation Poster 2016

flyer sept 26th




Through experiential mindfulness, pain management practices and group dialogue,

participants will learn life skills that can be applied to childbirth and parenting.

Join the MBCP Program on Thursdays from Jan 15-Feb 19 at St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center in Ketchum.


Sam Oct 2014

october event


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Compassionate Leaders Making a Difference

Tuesday, August 19th at 6pm

The Community Library, Ketchum

This summer the Compassionate Leaders spent 3 weeks in Ladakh India working at the Kalacharka festival serving tea and bread to 150,000 pilgrims. They also spent many hours picking up trash at an elevation over 12,000 feet in 109 degree weather, while listening to teachings by the Dalai Lama for 13 days. The group that went to Jonestown Mississippi (the second most impoverished community in the United States) worked on a Community Garden project for 2 weeks. As an expression of gratitude to everyone who has helped the Compassionate Leaders meet their goals and to inform the community about how teens in the Wood River Valley are making a difference locally and globally, the Compassionate Leaders are presenting at the Community Library on Tuesday  August 19th at 6pm.  Please come to enjoy the screening of short videos and hear stories about another incredible year of building a more compassionate world.


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