Community Service

Compassionate Leaders have participated in community service projects at the following organizations:

SV Ski Education Foundation • Swiftsure Therapeutic Center • The Hunger Coalition • Wood River Land Trust • National Alliance on Mental Illness • ERC • Higher Ground • Super Supper • Animal Shelter of the WRV • Hospice and Palliative Care • The Advocate’s • The Senior Connection • The Drug Coalition • SV Center for the Arts • Special Olympics Idaho


Community service is an important component of the Flourish Foundation’s Compassionate Leaders Program, serving to foster engaged, caring, and community-minded individuals. Have fun checking out the following videos to learn about the local service projects with which our wonderful Compassionate Leaders are involved!

Compassionate Leaders Autumn, Pierson, Darby, and Hannah, walk dogs at the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley.


Each leader has committed to 100 hours of community service for the Compassionate Leaders Program.


Compassionate Leaders, Past & Present


The Compassionate Leader Program has been a huge blessing in my life. One of the most valuable things this program has taught me is how to be compassionate towards myself, as well as others. This skill has helped me through the first semester of college and all the struggles that came with it. This program is a completely unique experience and has brought many incredible people into my life. Coming into the program, I expected our service trips to be about doing charity work for other people. However, the people I have met on our community service trips to India and Mississippi have given me so much more than I have given them. They have brought lessons and values into my life that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

– Kenza Alaoui, Compassionate Leader Alumna

Creating a Kinder and More Compassionate World.


Compassionate Leader, Katja Peller talks about her community service with the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the random acts of kindness that she and her fellow Compassionate Leaders are carrying out in the Wood River Valley of Idaho.

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Giving the Gift of Our Time and Presence.


Compassionate Leader, Molly Elgee regularly supports the nonprofit Souper Supper. Souper Supper provides hot meals every Monday and Thursday evening in Hailey to anyone who is hungry – without question.

Watch the video to hear Molly share how this service work supports the community as well as how it supports her as an individual.

Souper Supper’s Carol joins her to describe the history of this amazing organization.
The people that Molly volunteers with describe how she brings a “calm and kind presence” to the many dinners she serves.

Sofia with shelter dogs, Idahome and Steu.


Sofia Drugas is a junior at The Sage School in Hailey.  As part of her community service with the Flourish Foundation, Sofia works at the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley, giving attention to the fifteen cats and thirty dogs up for adoption.  Sofia loves animals and appreciates that our Valley’s shelter has a No-Kill policy.

Watch the video for a peek into her community service experience!

Volunteers, Claire and John, help distribute healthy food at Hailey’s weekly Food Bank.


Claire Sauerbrey, a junior at Wood River High School, spends her Tuesday afternoons behind the fresh fruit and vegetables at the Food Bank in Hailey with the Blaine County Hunger Coalition.  These Food Banks are held in Bellevue, Hailey, and Ketchum each week and serve about one half (1,500 people) of the food insecure population of the Wood River Valley.

Watch the video to see why Claire and her supervisor, Monica, say that our Valley’s Food Banks are particularly special!


Lauren Robideaux volunteers with the Swiftsure Ranch Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Bellevue, designing sensory trails that “encourage the physical, mental, and emotional well being of children and adults with disabilities.”  Not only is Lauren involved with the Swiftsure Ranch as a Compasionate Leader volunteer, but her family also has a personal link to the program with her brother riding there as he works to gain strength in his fingers. Lauren is grateful for such an inspiring and positive program that helps so many people. She is a Senior at The Sage School.

Watch the video.


Megan Murphy (left), Callie Weber, and Mariah Stout prepare for their Sunday meeting with Staff, Daphne Muehle (middle) and Patti Lousen, of the Wood River Land Trust.  Megan, Callie, and Mariah are members of the Student Conservation Council, a new body of the Wood River Land Trust that promotes youth leadership in conservation. Currently, they are organizing fire restoration projects in the Wood River Valley and are learning how to fly fish! Mariah is a senior and Megan and Callie are juniors at Wood River High School.

Watch the video.


Josie Allison, a Senior at the Community School, spends her weekends coaching the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation’s D-team on Baldy.  While this is Josie’s first year coaching, she has been a racer all her life. She loves the program and is having a lot of fun teaching a new generation of skiers her old tricks!

Watch the video of coaches Josie and Brian with D-team skiers after practice.