Compassionate Leaders Program

img_8098Engaging From the Inside Out

Having effective young leaders is an essential component for maintaining a vibrant world community in the future. They are the next generation policy makers, environmental stewards, innovators, and parents. The Compassionate Leaders Program prepares them to humanely fill this role by empowering their creativity to research, plan, and implement community service projects within our local community and abroad.

If your student is interested in joining the Compassionate Leader Program, fill out the application. Instructions are provided. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

“Through my experience with Flourish Foundation, I was introduced to the incredible vastness of the world and methods to cultivate my own mentality, balance, and compassion.” (Colby Werley, CLP Alumni)


“While this program did not open my eyes to something I had not seen before, it allowed me to remove the sunglasses I had been wearing. Life did not change, but my perception of it did. By removing my shaded sun glasses, I could see the sun. Through the contemplative practices, community service work, and discussions we had at our Compassionate Leaders meetings, I began to see the connection between every living and non-living being in the world. There is a unity between everything in life. As a Compassionate Leader, I witnessed with my own eyes the similarities between children in the Wood River Valley, New Delhi, and Mexico. I learned that we share the same needs for love, care, growth, and community. We are all human; we all have strengths and weaknesses, and we are on this adventure together.” (Lena Roebuck, CLP Alumni)