How We Affect Change

Flourish Foundation is committed to invigorating change from the inside out with the following core values:

1.) Our mental life determines the way we engage with the world.

2.) To sustain lasting change in the world we need to cultivate healthy habits of mind.

3.) Healthy habits of mind continuously evolve and can be deliberately cultivated throughout our life.

Within this context, healthy habits of mind are defined as qualities of mind that give rise to individual well being through the attainment of mental balance and collective well being through the promotion of universal compassion.

How to cultivate healthy habits of mind?

If we pause and investigate into our lives, we can all appreciate the role that healthy habits of mind have in our everyday existence. For example, take a moment to consider how many times throughout your lifetime you have been told to “relax”, “pay attention”, “be kind”, “don’t worry”, and “ let it go.” Many parents and teachers may find themselves offering these words of encouragement on a daily basis.

However, it is crucial to recognize that healthy habits of mind don’t simply spontaneously emerge over time but are skills that need to be developed and are acquired through daily practice. Through both objective scientific research and generations of first person inquiry by contemplatives, it is now clear that when human beings are dedicated to cultivating healthy habits of mind these qualities can be recalled and skillfully applied to our daily life.