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21 Compassionate Leaders are participating in community service projects at the following organizations:

SV Ski Education Foundation
Swiftsure Therapeutic Center
The Hunger Coalition
Wood River Land Trust
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Higher Ground
Super Supper
Animal Shelter of the WRV
Hospice and Palliative Care
The Advocate’s
The Senior Connection
The Drug Coalition
SV Center for the Arts
Special Olympics Idaho

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Compassionate Leaders 2014

MAP 2014

Making Jonestown Shine

What's New

The MBCP Program offers expectant couples the opportunity to use the practices of mindfulness for childbirth preparation, and to develop lifelong resources for parenting and living with greater awareness, kindness, connectedness, and care. Recommended in early pregnancy for first time parents, or any time during subsequent pregnancies. 6 WEEK SERIES: Thursdays • Sept 10 – Oct 15 6-8pm • $75 One Saturday class to be announced St. Luke’s Hailey Clinic, Carbonate Rooms Throughout the course, participants can: • Access deeper […]

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THIS FOUR SESSION SERIES will focus on increasing an everyday understanding of end of life and explore tools for developing ease, presence, empathy and openness. Sessions will be divided into group discussions, presentations, and mindfulness based practices. DATES: September 9, 16, 21, 30

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This is an overview of the programs provided for the Wood River Valley by the Flourish Foundation. The film describes how the values of the foundation inform and inspire the programming. Flourish seeks to support contemplative practices for all the critical life stages of human development. For more information please go to flourish The Flourish Foundation is located in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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Please join us for a day of giving this Thursday, May 7th – Idaho Gives Day to support Flourish Foundation and our mission of Cultivating Healthy Habits of Mind. Flourish Foundation is dedicated to promoting contemplative-based practices for the purpose of achieving mental balance and universal compassion. The heart of our work focuses on the human potential to be morally and ethically responsible world citizens. What is Idaho Gives Day? It is a 24-hour period of statewide giving that will […]

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Flourish Foundation presents: Mindfulness-Based Substance Abuse Curriculum Training for Professionals Working with Adolescents

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Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) is a secular and evidence based educational program developed by Dr. Paul Ekman, a world leader in the science of emotion, and Dr. Alan Wallace, an eminent Buddhist scholar and contemplative. The aim of CEB is to introduce people to the well-being and fulfillment that can arise from the cultivation of emotional skills and mind training techniques. The program integrates psychological and contemplative theories and practices for achieving exceptional mental balance; its key features include the […]

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On January 31st, Flourish celebrated the Compassionate Leaders at the 4th Annual Indian Dinner. The evening was a huge success!  A warm thank you to R.L. Rowsey, the B-Tones and Enchante for their amazing musical performance. The Compassionate Leaders are truly making a difference within the Wood River Valley through their contemplative practices and local service work. Everyone at Flourish would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the many volunteers who helped make this event so special.

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