Our Programs

Given the global crisis we all face, never before has mental balance and global compassion been so necessary for our survival. If we can cultivate true inner contentment and free ourselves from the narrow confines of self-centeredness, then it may be possible to live sustainably with the personal conviction of being more rather than having more. With this shift from quantitative to qualitative growth, each one of us can peacefully and wholeheartedly contribute to preserving the conditions of life for all future generations.

To fulfill our mission Flourish Foundation offers a wide variety of programs that focus on developing heathy habits of mind across the entire span of our communal life.

– Mindful Awareness Program (MAP): Promoting Life Skills
– Clear Mind Caring Heart (CMCH): Exploring Human Experience
– Teacher Self-Care Program (TSCP): Nourishing the Heart and Mind

– Compassionate Leaders Program (CLP): Engaging From the Inside Out
– Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB): Restoring Meaning & Purpose
– Understanding the Art and Science of End of Life: Embracing Life and Death

– Mindful Parenting (MP): Fostering Caring Relationships
– Mindfulness-Based Childbirth & Parenting (MBCP): Inspiring Conscious Birthing & Living